How to write a pull request to push a fix ?

The expected format for pull request concerning a fix is the following:

Title : [Component] Brieve resume of the fix

# [Title : [Component] Issue fix] (name of the fixe)

## Issue Description

[Description of issues]

> Fixes #[issue number] #[issue number] #[issue number] #[issue number]

[animated pictures of issues]

## Patch

[description of the patch]
[an code example of how to use it if needed]
[new animated pictures of issues if needed]

How to make an animated gifs ?

There is a lot of tools on the Internet. The Focus team uses this one : It is free... it is simple... And makes screen shots more understandable and contextualized.

Don't hesitate to use it.

Git limitation: the size of the attachments should not exceed 10 MB