How to declare an issue ?

  • You are faced with a bug.
  • Have a question about how focus-components works.
  • You do not know how to approach a development.

Have the reflex to create an issue. We try to respond as soon as possible.

Don't hesitate to search for an existing issue before. Someone else may have already encountered the problem. The question has been asked before may be ... A response may already have been made ...

Where is it ?

Open your browser and consult this page :

Click on New issue button.


What is the best description for my issue ?

To clarify / standardize the declaration a maximum of your issues, we invite you very strongly to follow the pattern below:

Title : [Component] very short resume of the issue

it is important that everyone can understand and know the affected component your issue by reading this sentence

Body / description :

# Current behaviour

[Description of the current behaviour and what is the problem / issue for you]

[Screen shots : if possible, use animated gifs for a better illustration]

# Expected behaviour

[Description of the exprected behaviour]

[if you judge it necessary, add a wireframe]

# Versions

Focus-core: [version]
Focus-components: [version]

Preview : image

GitHub uses "GitHub Flavored Markdown," or GFM, across the site--in issues, comments, and pull requests. It differs from standard Markdown (SM) in a few significant ways, and adds some additional functionality. For more informations, please consult

Example of a well described issue

You need a good example ? please read this issue written by Sebez: issue 537


How to make an animated gifs ?

There is a lot of tools on the Internet. The Focus team uses this one : It is free... it is simple... And makes screen shots more understandable and contextualized.

Don't hesitate to use it.

Git limitation: the size of the attachments should not exceed 10 MB

Someone has already declared my issue

This means that someone has also asked the same question, or has already encountered the same problem.


  • the issue is still open
  • no response has yet been made

you can indicate that you are also waiting for a response. To do so, use the code :+1:. This will tell the FOCUS team he must prioritize a response to the request.

If you wish to clarify or complete the outcome, do not hesitate to communicate through comments.