How to contribute ?

You are a developer


You must have installed the following softwares on you computer:

First, the project must be cloned on you local machine. To do it, use the following command line.

git clone

1. Update your project

Be sure to be positionned on the right branch develop.

git checkout develop

Synchronize the branch. To do so, execute the following command to synchronize latest modifications on your local repository:

git fetch

Then, execute the following command to download the latest version (latest modification) of the branch develop:

git pull

Your are "up-to-date" on the develop branch.

2. Fork the branch develop

As we don't want FOCUS developers to commit directly on this branch, you have to fork it and submit Git pull requests.

To create a new branch, you can use this command:

git checkout -b fix-panel

Your current local branch is now fix-panel.

Choose the branch name you prefer. However, we recommend using the following prefixes:

  • fix-[name of the fix]
  • feature-[name of the new feature]

Fix- branch must be used to fix some code issues.

Feature- branch must be used to develop new features.

3. Realize your developments : update / fix / add new feature

  1. develop your new feature or fix the issue you've detected
  2. update the tests ; that's really important as we want to guarantee the best developer and user exeprience
  3. before pushing the result of your work, please increase the version number of FOCUS-COMPONENTS in the package.json file. For example:
  "version": "0.7.3-beta1",

What's really important is to increase the version number and suffix it by -beta[number].

For example, if the version number is currently 0.7.2 (corresponding to the latest release number), please update it to 0.7.3-beta1.

5. Commit your developments

Once you've finished your developments, push it to the github server. To do so, you have to:

  1. identify your modifications and add file for a commit. For example:

    git add src/components/panel/index.js
  2. commit your modification by using the command:

    git commit -m '[panel] the purpose of your commit'
  3. your commit is local, so don't forget to push it on the github repository, by using this command:

    git push

6. Create a pull request

Once you finished your developments and commited it, you can create a pull request so your work can be merged to the develop branch, so that the FOCUS community enjoys.

1. Create the pull request

Two ways of creating it :

When you consult project's Github page, a message is displayed encouraging you to create a pull request. Then click on Compare & pull request button.


Other solution is to create a pull request, by clicking on pull request icon :


Follow the following Pull request template, depending on the type of content you wish to submit:

You are a FOCUS administrator

Role of FOCUS administrator is to validate pull requests.

Below the procedure of validation:

  1. Add a label Review needed
  2. Read the pull request
  3. Comment the code, or open discution with the developer if needed
  4. If the pull request suits the FOCUS team, validate it and merge it.
  5. Complete the current draft release note to add the feature / fix to the note.